Fielded all guest requests ranging from room reservations to Atlanta recommendations. Communicated with department heads about new ideas to prepare for guest arrivals, thereby facilitating front desk operations and expediting check-ins. Sometimes, customers are going to throw your team curveballs. Provided excellent customer service including dealing with customer requests and complaints. Established room reservations and answered incoming calls on PBX system. Handled and processed guest reservations and room assignments. Worked extensively with external auditors, providing in-depth assistance with periodic assessments of guest services. Maintained all service guidelines set by Marriott, Balanced all cash, credit cards and city ledger accounts in Marriott's PMS Performed check in and check out procedures via OnQ system. Provided minor concierge services for tourists, corporate clients, and multiple group parties. Handled all cash and credit card transactions while checking guests in and out. Operated switchboard and handles telephone calls and wake up calls, as required. Reconciled hotel bank deposits to what was recorded in property management system. Gained extensive experience with the OnQ Insider POS System. The top three keywords employers use in Guest Services Agent job descriptions are Guest Service appearing in 25.76% of postings, Receptionist 19.7%, and Reservation Management appearing in 13.64%. In this role, you should be an excellent communicator who can stay positive when facing difficult situations. Expedited renowned guest service by utilizing management level empowerment to ensure maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Executed excellent guest service by taking reservations, handling cash and credit transactions, and compensating unsatisfied guests when necessary. Executed front desk, PBX and reservation functions for an economy, 330 room Hotel & Casino. Handled the telecommunication department of front office. Acted as front desk service agent for check ins/check outs, took phone reservations and provided concierge services. Processed all guest requests and relay messages. Front Desk. Advised guests about hotel facilities and provided tours. Used aggressive marketing techniques to sell unoccupied rooms to walk in guests. Promoted teamwork and quality services completed by daily communication logs. Communicated needs and coordinated efforts with maintenance, housekeeping, property management, and other areas of the resort staff. Scheduled guest reservations, checked-in guests, checked-out guest. Registered guests, issued room keys, provided information on hotel services and room location. Calculated necessary adjustments to guest folios due to technical errors or guest dissatisfaction. This helps the customer feel like they’re being heard and can go a long way toward making the situation better. Acknowledged and received telephone calls and referred them to the appropriate individual. Updated communication boards based on daily reports from internal departments. Guest service agents are likely the first people visitors interact with when they enter a hotel and check-in. Handled Daily Front Desk Operations Executed and followed up on all guest requests Handled Reservations. Received incoming calls to schedule reservations and provide information about hotel services. The most memorable customer service stories out there — many of which had a huge impact on the business — were created by a single employee who refused to just follow the standard process when it came to helping someone out. Assisted in a successful brand conversion while completing comprehensive OnQ PMS training and coaching of new team members. Assisted hotel guests seamlessly with registration and departures; handling customer complaints and guest recovery efforts. They, therefore, stay close to the hotel’s main entrance. Responsibilities include managing customer complaints and feedback, overseeing reservations and availability, reviewing accounts, and collecting payments. Presented information about the resort and local areas and kept and maintained audit and accounting of daily Provided local area and hotel information to guests. They also need to be strong problem solvers. Provided guests with adequate customer service enabling them to efficiently locate and direct hotel facilities and amenities. It’s important to hire people who genuinely want to help your customers succeed — and to pay rates that are attractive to skilled professionals. Explained the features of the hotel and offered most feasible room rates, which led to 15% increase in revenue. Processed guest folios and payments at a pace and accuracy that regularly brought unsolicited accolades on my team. Organized correct reporting to Executive team members. Performed and ensured efficient prices of all express check outs. Those working within the hospitality industry need strong interpersonal and communication skills. Assisted General Manager in keeping track of financial transactions. Checked in and out guests in the average of 70-90% of occupancy rate at a 282-room property. Proficiency with MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook software. Handled guest inquiries by responding promptly and giving accurate information. Contacted housekeeping or maintenance staff to report any issues needing attention. Relayed on average 75-100 calls per day on the PBX switchboard equipment to foster optimum communication. Ensured smooth operations of hotel's front office by communicating efficiently with housekeeping, maintenance, sales departments, and management. Resolved customer complaints and answered guest's questions regarding products, accounts and services. Established records of room availability and guests' accounts manually or by automation. Provided high quality customer service with demanding creative communication and problem solving skills. Provided accurate information about the hotel, it's services, company promotions, and local attractions. Handled guest requests, checking in/out guests, answering the phones, assisting room service and handling checkouts. Created new check in/out procedure to improve guest relations management on the OnQ system. Handled A high volume call center on in-office low peak traffic hours throughout the day. Provided accurate and detailed information about hotel, city, transportation, and local attractions. Developed skills in working with various forms of hotel and property management software such as OPERA, Micros, and HotSOS. Answered inquiries regarding hotel services and provided information about community services. Ensured account balances for guests were satisfied and proper authorizations were obtained to cover room charges and incidentals. Performed Check Ins and Check Outs of guests daily. Operated the hotels private branch exchange (PBX) to answer incoming calls and make reservations. Posted charges for rooms, food, liquor or phone calls to ledgers manually or by using Maestro Property management system. Maintained all hard and computer files with detailed accuracy including account transactions, and communication. Developed highly empathetic client relationships and earned reputation for exceeding customer service expectations. You’ll be a rockstar in customer service. Recorded guest comments, complaints, and report necessary information to managers. Worked with several computer programs including but not limited to OnQ Insider, OnQ Front Desk, Microsoft Office, etc. Not only is it important to pay attention to individual customers’ experiences, but it’s also important to be mindful and attentive to the feedback that you receive at large. Created warm and welcoming environment for guests checking in -Evaluated as one of the best guest service agents from seasonal staff. Accounted for all cash during shift and made deposits in accordance with hotel and company policies. Utilized professional communication skills to address guest concerns to provide immediate resolution. Handled cash/credit card transactions and managed monies accurately. Help Scout’s Mathew Patterson answered those questions recently; see his response in the video below. Monitored room availability using Fosse and Martha. Responded to emergencies, documented, and relayed comprehensive, and accurate information to proper parties in emergency situations. Processed incidentals (food, liquor, or telephone calls) to general ledgers. Answered all phone calls promptly and knowledgeably, at all times ensuring complete and accurate hotel information. Conclusion. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Guest Services. Accommodated special requests whenever possible based on availability. Collected payments for guest rooms and exhibited ability to efficiently handle cash and process credit cards. Trained with Housekeeping, Laundry, & PBX for four weeks while maintaining Front Desk Duties. Checked guest in, ensuring proper credit is received, special requests are noted/ fulfilled and accurate information is established. Balanced cash drawer, reconciled credit card transactions and complied room demographic data at shift-end for front desk supervisor. After all, without knowing your product from front to back, they won’t know how to help when customers run into problems. Conducted all guest check in/check outs, reservations, request, changes, and cancellations. Negotiated room rates and meeting room contracts, while checking guests in and out in a professional, timely manner. Assigned rooms and managed guest registrations.Skills UsedCustomer service, multitasking, problem solving. If you have experience in hospitality or possess many transferrable skills, you may be able to build a solid career in guest services. Checked guests into the resort, set up credit account and explained hotel services. Handled Check-in/Check-out, made reservations, handled high volume of calls, worked with everything dealing with the front desk operations. Coordinated guest arrivals and departures ensuring an enjoyable experience. The bottom line: Great customer service is a growth center, not a cost center. It’s not about making a sales pitch in each email, but it is about not letting potential customers slip away because you couldn’t create a compelling message that your company’s product is worth purchasing! Received recognition for above and beyond customer service and repeat reservations. Focused on maximizing revenues through guest service operations. Excelled in time management skills using the Marriott AM/PM front desk daily checklist. Performed all front-office and guest services responsibilities. It’s really that simple. Filed guest registrations, completed sales transactions, and performed concierge duties. Assisted the Sales Departments in setting up possible sales leads in both guest rooms and catering events. Answered questions regarding room charges and processed final transactions Responded and took action on guest complaints and problems. Facilitated all guest arrivals and departures by following established procedures in order to ensure guests are satisfied. Performed Bellman services such as helping guest with luggage during check ins and check outs. Processed all cash and credit card transactions; Posted all charges and processed all necessary reports. Organizations can also create their own definitions of customer service depending on their customer service philosophies and the type of support they want to provide. Look for a customer service manager with expert coaching skills. Assisted guests in the check in and check out, as well as, all front office procedures. Transmitted and received messages using telephones and computer system. Completed check-ins, check outs, reservations, and fulfilled any guest requests. Checked in guests and provided customer service. Coordinated guest services with various departments. Registered guests (check in and check outs), ensured accurate billing and payments. Greeted, registered, and assigned rooms to hotel guests, and kept records of room availability and guest accounts. Sustained prompt communication with maintenance staff to make sure all mechanical issues in the hotel were resolved in a timely manner. Guest service e agents greet and welcome guests as they arrive at the hotel. and Guest service Agent skills. Managed guest check ins and check outs; ensuring accounts and methods of payment were accurate. Served as first point of contact for guest, faculty and staff calling or the hotel facilities. Processed credit/cash transactions for guest rooms, reservations and miscellaneous purchases. Processed guest registrations including collecting payments. Utilized Property Management Systems increasing room occupancy by eighteen percent promoting hotel amenities and local area attractions. Maintained a strong knowledge of the property and surrounding area providing efficient information to the customers regarding hotel facilities and services. Answered an average of over 200 telephone calls per day through the front desk. That’s because even when you can’t tell the customer exactly what they want to hear, a dose of care, concern, and understanding will go a long way. Answered guest inquiries about hotel services, facilities, and hours of operation. Posted charges for rooms, food, telephone calls, to ledgers via the computer. Required to pull all reports including arrivals, departures, revenues, and VIP arrivals. Maintained Gift Shop attached to front desk Processed credit card transactions during the checkout process. Recognized twice through Corporate Marriott Spirit to serve Award at Extraordinary Associates Luncheon and Associate of the Month. Managed diverse tasks such as guests' check-ins/outs, reservations and concierge services regarding hotel vicinity. Those who don’t seek to improve what they do — whether it’s building products, marketing businesses, or helping customers — will get left behind by the people who are willing to invest in their own skills. Handled financial transactions, including third-party authorization. Facilitated guest check in for guest and room reservations. Monitored the maintenance staff on daily basis and reported to the senior management. Handled night audit at the end of the shift and organized important paperwork, such as payroll and reconciliation. Acquired knowledge of Marriott software systems and programs. The best customer service professionals know how to keep their communications with customers simple and leave nothing to doubt. The employee apologized — and I truly believe it was an accident — but I haven’t been back to that shop since because of the miscommunication. Performed night auditing duties including: compiling and checking daily record sheets, guest accounts, receipts and vouchers. Performed front desk operations Conducted daily auditing for all other revenue departments and verified front office accounting records for accuracy. Posted any charges or payments to guest accounts and secured methods of payment for any room charges or incidentals. Answered inquiries and provided current and accurate information to guests. Provided quality guest services that include registration and check-out, PBX operations, mail and message services. Verified and balanced financial transactions. Completed the registration process, confirming information. Provided courteous and friendly concierge services to fulfill hotel guests personal requests. Guest Service Agent. Utilized Hilton OnQ reservation system and managed financial transactions. Handled customer disputes/resolutions, daily reports and concierge services. Checked in/out guests, collected rent money, made guest and owner reservations, and processed all guest charges. Operated a cash register, processed check and credit card transactions with accuracy. Listed, documented, and resolved customer complaints. Orchestrated VIP arrivals with the Housekeeping, Bell Services and Food and Beverage Departments. Recommended and implemented key changes to enhance guest arrivals and departures, including special requirements or needs. Conversely, the second example is stating the same thing (the item is unavailable), but it focuses on when and how the issue will be resolved instead of focusing on the negative. Provided information on resort, amenities, and local attractions. Negotiated room rates and made reservations. Handled reservations and guest check in/check outs. Utilized problem solving skills in stressful situations while addressing credit card authorization issues and incorrect room charges. Handled all financial transactions at the front desk. Checked in and out guests, cleaned and managed the lobby and breakfast area. For example, let’s say a customer contacts your team with an interest in a particular product, but that product happens to be back-ordered until next month. Provided concierge services including dining, golf, tennis, surf, tour and transportation needs. The customer should feel as if they are interacting with someone who genuinely cares and wants to solve their problem. Handled and processed guest check ins and check outs according to Preferred Hotels and Resorts Standards. Here's how Customer Service is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Relay Messages is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Room Rates is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Check Outs is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Local Area is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Communication is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Credit Card Transactions is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Special Requests is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Accurate Information is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Marriott is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Phone Calls is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Front Desk Operations is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Company Policies is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Bookkeeping Activities is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Guest Check-Ins is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Travel Directions is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Local Attractions is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Night Audit is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Telephone Calls is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Room Assignments is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how VIP is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Property Management is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Guest Registration is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Guest Arrivals is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how ONQ is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Hotel Facilities is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Concierge Services is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Customer Complaints is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Guest Comments is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Hotel Reservations is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how High Volume is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how In Guests is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Out Guests is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Guest Folios is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Financial Transactions is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Room Charges is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Taking Messages is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Billing Information is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Appropriate Departments is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Here's how Maintenance Staff is used in Guest Services Agent jobs: Provided specialized and VIP hotel guest services including international and domestic travel itineraries, dining and attractions reservations and transportation services. Assisted in marketing efforts by offering room upgrades, promoting hotel amenities, and informing guest of local attractions. companies in the local area. Directed the general management regarding guest services provision and maintenance. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Guest Services Agent resumes they appeared on. Provided quotes for room rates and up-sells to the guests when possible. Completed sales transactions of Local theme park and attraction tickets Managed and coordinated timely communications between multiple departments including Bell Staff, Housekeeping, Reservations, Maintenance and Restaurant. Provided information to guests regarding hotel services and facilities. Managed guest registration, prepared electronic keys & coupon packets for arriving groups. Verified guest information and confirmed room rate in order to complete the registration process. Maximized client satisfaction by providing superior customer service with a sense of urgency. Customer service is the act of providing support to both prospective and existing customers. Handled front desk operations including check-in/out, reservations, incoming calls. 7 foundational tips for building a thriving customer support team and department from scratch. Created reservations and monitored room availability using OnQ reservation system. Greeted arriving guests, assigned rooms, issued keys and ascertained guest payment and billing information. Worked with butler to ensure that rooms were inspected and released for guest arrivals. Prevented hotel losses using awareness, attention to detail and communication between departments. Refined guest service practices in a more intimate resort setting of 249 villas on the Marriott World Center property. Handled greeting guests and registered and issued keys as well as managed queries from guests. Obtained new customers from businesses within the local area. Answered inquiries pertaining to hotel services, shopping, dining, and travel directions; confirm and make reservations for guests. Often, the root cause of what could be perceived as a lack of skill or unwillingness to learn is the result of a work environment (current or prior) that didn’t reward going above and beyond to provide excellent service. Collected payments for services rendered Managed all large group room reservations, group pricing, and final billings. Answered telephone, gave directions to local attractions, arranged guest transportation. Performed front desk duties for the hotel which consisted of more than 4,400 guest rooms. Reviewed daily transactions to ensure that the proper financial transactions have been recorded. Coordinated with maintenance and housekeeping staff to resolve customer complaints. Your customer service manager will most likely have to do plenty of training and continuous formation to keep agents sharp and up-to-date. Organization and administration skills, as well as an attention to detail, are also important. housekeeping and maintenance staff when guest Greeted and provided guests with assistance at the front desk during the check-in and check-out process through the hotel computer system. While delivering consistently good customer service requires work and alignment across your entire organization, a good place to start is your support team. Duties such as taking phone calls, greeting guests, issuing keys, collecting payments, and promoting hotel services are often … Verified credit cards and checks as well as processed and posted room charges to guest accounts. Trained as a manager-on-duty responsible for performing front desk duties, night audit, and resolving guest issues as needed.

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