It commonly means ‘perfect love’. (Rose Mallow). (Cherry Pie Plant). It turns out, botanists do too! If you think Rosy and Rosa are too common, then this one could be a lovely choice. Wildflower may be the ultimate hippie name, added to the lexicon by Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden when they chose it as one of their daughter's middle names. ‘Bellerose’ has a French origin and in Old French, it means ‘lovely rose’. The name has a unique freshness. Beautiful flower girl names are really pretty and still rarely used today. You can consider its variations such as Kalene, Kalena, or Kaline. Here are even more terrific Girls Flower Names... because you absolutely do love flowers and you want your little girl … All rights reserved. After her time spent with Prianka Aguas, she transforms … “Galanthus” is a unique choice as a name for a girl. The name Briar has predominantly been a girl name, though it has also been given to boys in the past century. BLOOM WITH US! The charming name ‘Daisy’ is derived from an Old English word meaning ‘Day’s eye’ and the flower represents freshness and energy. It is the name of a flowering tree and it means ‘beauty and grace’. Hellebore. The Arabic name means a ‘fragrant blooming flower.’ “Zainab” was the name of a daughter and wife of Prophet Muhammad. The name Quill refers to Jonquil, the hardy, spring flower. This Latin name, meaning ‘flowering or flourishing’, may sound feminine to some, but it’s used mostly for boys. It is a Spanish origin name that means a ‘blue bottle flower.’ That’s a modern name for a handsome boy. Skip to content . Fleur is the freshest of all the flower names in the name bouquet. The tiny yellow flower comes from the poppy family and means ‘swallow, a bird’ in Greek. “Catkin” is a creative name for a boy. Yui Shorter names are becoming more and more popular in Japan, so it’s no surprise that this name has gained fame. Pick from the best of the bunch with our list of 30 blooming cute flower baby names Pick from the best of the bunch with our collection of 30 blooming cute flower baby names for girls, and … The three soon become friends and hope to get Alice an education and help her escape from the torture she undergoes daily. The earthy name for a boy refers to ‘traveler’ in Latin. It is a Hindi origin name that means ‘lotus’ and ‘perfection.’ “Kamal” is a beautiful floral name for a boy. Which is why some parents are looking for uncommon girl names. Shatrevar, the Persian word for flower is the inspiration behind this name. Looking for a French floral name for your little one? Your boy can gain its lovely characteristics if you name him “Viburnum.”. The name has a worldly appeal as well. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. ‘Zinnia’ has a German, Latin origin and the meaning of the name is ‘Zinn’s flower’. That’s a classic Arabic name for a boy that refers to ‘blooming.’ It is the name of a famous poet too. Corey would be a fresh and snappy short form of Coreopsis, the cheery and long lasting flower. It means ‘violet flower’. The meaning of “Maryam” in Arabic and Hebrew is ‘beloved’ or ‘drop of the sea.’. Celebrity IOU. Calantha, a Greek baby name meaning ‘beautiful flower’, spares the spunk of other cool floral names like Calla and Camellia. “Thistle” is a rare and pleasant choice for a boy. External links Arizona—Sonora Desert Museum: Desert Wildflower Blooms — … If you are looking for a fresh name for your baby boy, then “Talasi” can be an appropriate choice. Daffodil is also the name of the musician Michael Hurley’s first girl. It is a unisex name from Greek origin that means “herb.” “Rue” is an inspired name from the yellow tiny flowers. The meaning of the name is ‘thorny tree’ and it has a Greek origin. ‘Betony’ means ‘good for the head’. Hazel is most commonly known as a tree or nut, but there’s also a flowering plant with long yellow strands called witch hazel. You can also name Asher, inspired by the Ash tree. If you wish to have an uncommon name, then “Rosa” it can be. They are unique, whimsical, and fun. You can name your boy “Laurence” and find him blooming all his life. In Greek, the crimson flower “Anemone” means “daughter of the wind” and is a blossoming name for a girl. It is not a common name for a girl that comes from Dutch, and refers to daisy. It refers to the ‘budding leaf.’ The name is not a common choice and can be perfect for a son whose parents are looking for a Sanskrit name. This British name took a long time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and has now begun to be heard in the US. Cold in Toddlers: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies And Prevention, Safe Sleeping Positions during First Trimester of Pregnancy, 3 Best Positions To Ensure That Your Baby Latches Correctly, Top 200 One, Two, Three, And Five Syllable Baby Girl Names, 73 Amazing Baby Names Inspired By Movies & TV Shows, 130+ Super Cute And Famous Triplet Baby Names, 35 Popular And Modern Virtue Names For Baby Boys And Girls, 200 Beautiful And Unique Christian Boy Names With Meanings. It was made famous by Mayor La Guardia during the Second World War. CC flickr photo by chimothy27 “Pretty as a posy, lovely as a rose.” Flowers represent all things feminine so it’s no wonder they’ve long been used as names for girls. ‘Posy’ means ‘small flower’ and it has an English origin. The flowers of the willow tree, known for their resilience, grace, and flexibility, have gained favor in recent years as a baby girl name. Wildflower is a Philippine revenge drama television series starring Maja Salvador, together with an ensemble cast. Aster is the name of the delicate flower meaning ‘star’. Flora, the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flower, is an eternal favorite of baby name experts. In Japanese, “Hinata” means ‘sunflower.’ It is a unique choice for your boy. It is also the name of a flower known as nightshade. The light pink sweet-smelling rose is a native to West Asia and Europe. In Urdu, “Zahur” means a ‘flower that smells lovely.’ It is also a variant of “Zahir.”. Names like Olive and Sage don’t seem all that out there anymore, ushering in a new wave of options like Gem and Soleil. Sign up to keep up with all things Wildflowers! Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. It means ‘peaceful or resolute’. The name brings to mind the bubbly and happy baby with a cute smile. The correct pronunciation of this name is ha-Seen-ta. The graceful name is from Urdu origin and refers to rose. In Arabic, it means ‘blessed’. You have exotic flower names, you have simply adorable flower names, and then you have some ridiculously funny flower names that make you wonder what the person(s) was thinking while christening them. ‘Amaranth’ a herb with pink flowers is a symbol of mortality. Azalea is one of the freshest floral names that made its debut on the Social Security list in 2012. ‘Blanchefleur’ has a French origin and it means ‘white flower’. It is inspired from a flower called Myrtle, and has its origin in Dutch. Here is a list of flower names along with their symbolic meanings. Hebe. Traditionally, Chinese baby girl names are a combination of two names. Lilac, the light purple flower with a beautiful scent, would make a nice name for your baby. It means ‘from the alder tree’. From these unique girls’ names, you can pick an impressive one for your little one. Fiorello means ‘little flower’. The name is pretty common in Europe and refers to a white flower. “Romy” is also a short form of Romeo and Roman. With the increase in all kinds of floral names, Petunia, the name of the trumpet-shaped flower, is gaining ground. is your go-to website for reliable If you select this girl flower name, you can be assured that it will never go out of style. In Hebrew, “Vared” refers to ‘rose.’ If you want your boy to grow up and be gentle, you can choose this name for him. “Florine” was a French crusader who lost her life by taking arrows in her chest. The Urdu name “Sheroze” means ‘king of roses.’ Your boy can become a charming person with this name. Cliantha is a unique flower and a sweet flowery name for a girl that means ‘a glory flower’ in Greek. Myrtle is a pretty, popular, and ubiquitous name and comes from a plant with white or pink fragrant berries. ‘Briallen’ is derived from the Welsh word ‘briallu’ and it means ‘primrose’. Gabby Orcutt . One day Sammy and his younger sister Ellie happen upon a cabin where Alice, a young, partially deaf girl with epilepsy is being kept by her abusive stepfather. It sounds straight, strong, and robust, just like the flower. First came Lily, one of the trendiest girls’ names of the nineties. Calla is associated with the heroine of the novel “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder”, which means ‘beautiful’. Each name has a truly gorgeous meaning reflecting a plant, flower, celestial body or any other natural wonder. It's sometimes used as the national symbol of Australia. Peony, meaning ‘healing’, is one of the rarest floral names. The beautiful white flower ‘Aletris’ is known to have healing properties. USDA Plants Database — plant profiles search engine, by common or botanical names, or by U.S. state. Knowing that your loved ones are suffering an illness can be distressing, especially when there is nothing you can do about it. Yarrow, the name of the strong and fragrant herb that blooms into a bright yellow flower is gender neutral, but it sounds better on boys. (Winter rose). In Japan, the Lotus is a symbol of perfection and purity, traits that every parent wants in their son. Jun 13, 2020 - Explore hlwing's board "Names" on Pinterest. Being a symbol of endurance due to their lengthy blooming, zinnias represent a strong and beautiful woman. What could be better than naming your daughter after an evergreen shrub that produces juicy bright blue berries? The Greek origin name “Evanthe” means ‘blooming’ and is a suitable name for a girl. Take a look! The name has been derived from Greek mythology and it was the name of a nymph who turned into a laurel tree. So go for Antonio if you want a flower name for your boy. Daughters bring joy to their parents just like the fresh flowers in the spring season. Geri Halliwell named her daughter Bluebell. It is the name of a flower in Iran. It refers to ‘king of flowers.’ If you want your baby boy to grow up and be the king of his work, then “Nalesh” can be a fantastic pick. The name is also related to ‘Primrose’. The name is suitable for a girl and is inspired from rosemary. New Shop by Size iPhone 12 Mini; iPhone 12/12 Pro; iPhone 12 Pro Max; iPhone 11; … Hollyhock. Begonia can be beautiful name for your baby girl. The name has become quite trendy in the last few years, thanks to books and movies – “The Hunger Games” and “The Fault in Our Stars”. My Name List + Add name Download list. Trending HGTV Dream Home 2021. If only the loveliest name will fit your little rose petal, check out our list of flower baby names, mostly for girls. Since it is a rarely used name, it will make an intriguing choice for your baby, especially if you are spiritually oriented. And be rest assured it will never go out of style. Saffron is a gender neutral name, but will suit boys more. After lagging behind Arpit and Amrit for ages, Arnit, meaning ‘beautiful flower’, has suddenly caught on with the parents. Aug 10, 2018 - 7,071 Likes, 283 Comments - THE SMALL FOLK (@the.small.folk) on Instagram: “Since Arnhem’s arrival we’ve had many people wondering what his middle names … The fresh name “Raanan” has its origin in Hebrew and refers to ‘flourishing’ or ‘green.’ It is an energizing name for a boy. Unlike most of the overtly sweet floral names, Poppy carries a lot of spunk and style with it. ‘Canna’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Cann’ and it means ‘a reed’. The flower of a pine tree looks different from other flowers. The meaning of the flower name ‘Bluebell’ is ‘blue bell’ and it is of an English origin. It represents graciousness and is inspired by a light purple flower. It is also the name of a mythological young man who fell in love with his own image. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. Dianella is the name of a small plant that grows in Australia. Wildflower cases are unique and one-of-a-kind just like you. ‘Thallo’ is the Greek goddess of buds, blooms, and spring. Phlox, the name of tiny, purple flowers, would sound beautiful on your little one. Pronounced as ‘fleer,’ “Fflur” means flower in Welsh. Even Daisy Buchanan did her bit to popularize the name in “The Great Gatsby”. Alder, the name of the flowering plant from the birch family, has an old school feel to it. Flower Names for Girls That are Totally Charming. An exotic German name that refers to Freese’s flower can be the most uncommon and lovely name. The pleasant pink flowers “Gladiolus” can be a suitable choice if you are looking for a masculine name for your baby boy. The female name “Chrisoula” comes from Greek origin and refers to ‘golden flower.’. Florine is not only a floral name but is part of war history. Flower names that work for baby girls range from the exotic from Amaryllis to Zinnia to the everyday, such as Daisy, Clover, and Marigold. Flower Names for Girls. It is an aromatic name for a boy that refers to the ‘fragrance’ of a flower. Thinkstock 1. Heliotrope. It is inspired from the yellow blooming flowers. Signifying honor and riches, Peony would make a distinctive name for your little one. A Truly Complete List of Flower Names and Their Meanings. This list of stunning and uncommon flower names for girls will help you find the perfect name for your daughter! It is an Indian name that means “the aromatic jasmine flower.” “Magadhi” is a pleasant name for a girl. Flower With Strange And Funny Names. “Briony” or “Bryony” refers to “sprout,” just like the upward growing of the greenish-white tiny flowers. “Viola” was the name of an actress in Shakespeare’s tale too. This is the name of a small white mountain flower. So which one did you like the most? As a name, Sage is strong and short, fitting the criteria sought after by most modern parents. French name Florent, meaning ‘flowering’, may sound a bit too flowery for American guys, but it’s quite popular in some parts of Europe. Apart from being charming, Ivy has a surprising number of spelling variations such as Ivie, Ivee, Ivi, and more. Wildflower Dog Names All over the world there a wildflowers that are native to certain countries or regions and they make for beautiful dog names. This yellow Adonis is one of them. Dahlia is a … Unique girl names with floral meanings include Leilani, Flora, Cassia, and Posy. “Leatrice” is a unisex name but suits more for a boy, and refers to ‘blessed.’. Interestingly, Azalea is now one of the fastest rising names on the list. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. We’ve seen plenty of Primroses in quaint British novels, but never really found it in use in day to day life. This is a wonderful modern Welsh name that would suit your little princess. Naming your baby “Sigal” can make her a unique person just like the name. If you want a masculine name, inspired by rose, Jared could be your pick. ‘Begonia’ is the name of a flower that looks like a rose and the word translates to ‘to be cautious’. Honeysuckle. For the nickname, you can pick anyone from Juno, Junie, June, or Junebug. The Muslim name “Risay” is inspired from ‘black rose’ and also refers to ‘one who is beloved.’, The boy’s name “Rhodes” has its origin in Greek that means ‘where roses grow.’. The Greek origin name “Evanthe” means ‘blooming’ and is a suitable name for a girl. Honesty. Wildflower baby names for little boys or girls, names inspired by natural wildflowers, natural baby names after beautiful wildflowers, Page 1 The strong and graceful name for a girl is inspired from the blue leaves and flowers. The spring flower “Columbine” is an English name from Latin that means ‘dove.’. “Briar Rose” is also the name of the popular Disney princess Sleeping Beauty. ‘Mawar’ has an Indonesian origin and the meaning of the name is ‘rose’. Save List Open list in full view A saved list won't be lost in switching computers or clearing cookies! With Beau Bridges, Susan Blakely, William McNamara, Reese Witherspoon. It is an Estonian origin name that refers to the lovely ‘lilac flower.’ “Sireli” is a beautiful name for a girl. It is a Latin name that stands for a flower, and is uncommon for a girl. The name ‘Cassia’ has a Latin, Greek origin and the meaning of the name is ‘cinnamon’ and is also a fragrance that the Cassia plant emits. The cypress flower, resembling the five-pointed stars, looks absolutely adorable. Think about it with your spouse and select the one that appeals to you both. This floral name is gaining traction among parents of late. At present, the floral girl names are back on the charts! While most people associate it with trees and woods, there’s also a Cedar flower, which is breathtakingly beautiful. It just rolls off the tongue and sounds incredibly charming. This plant is just too pretty and cheerful a plant to be called by its mouthful of a botanical name. Indigo is the plant that creates a purplish-blue dye. Dahlia … Yes, it may not be as famous as Lily or Violet, but is rising the rankings steadily. “Muguet” means ‘lily’ and sounds a wonderful name. Shoshana refers to the pretty lily and is a suitable name for a girl. Another quality of the flower is, it grows abundantly. As a parent, you will never go wrong with these names, and it will remain a trend for long. The native American name “Aweinon” refers to moving flowers. If you are brave enough, name your child Indigo. Adonis. 1) Acacia An attractive yellow or white blossom which symbolises immortality. The name can be used for a girl and a boy, and refers to fragrance. Your boy can shine just like the flower with this name. Then Daisy began showing up on the chicest babies. We also found inspiration from dogs in the Rover office and dogs we’ve encountered through our wide social media travels. Hyacinth may not be as gentle and feminine as Rose and Violet, but it will appeal to parents who want an exotic floral name for their daughters. The flower ‘Aster’ is believed to have been created from the tears of a Greek Goddess Astraea. That’s a biblical name common in Ireland that refers to ‘vineyards of God.’ If you want your baby boy to have a Catholic name, “Carmel” can be a good pick. These old fashioned girl names are the best way to channel an era past when naming your daughter. Looking for a modern and stylish name? So how about naming your child Posey, which means “a bunch of flowers”? See more ideas about names, names with meaning, unique baby names. The name originated from the Arabian language. Here’s a name for the traditional parents. “Rosamel” was also the name of a Chilean poet in the 20th century. Arabic Girl Names » Means » Flower Currently we have 686 Girl Names Contains Meaning word Flower in our Arabic/Muslim collection Boys Girls The purpose of this list is to help Arabic parents in choosing names for newborn baby. Don’t be! We know that it would be hard for you to pick just one of these names that mean flower. Your boy would be called a golden boy with the name “Cresento.”. It’s a simple name yet so uncommon. Ren is Japanese for ‘Lotus’. The novel Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker is an amazing story about a young girl's rise to fame and how she copes with all the new attention and all of the problems that it brings with it. 49. 28 Flower-Inspired Baby Names That Aren't "Rose" You'll want to grow one from your "lady garden." as in black-eyed Susan, resembles a daisy flower, but is actually a species of sunflower. We think it is one of the most evocative and appealing flower names of this generation. But unfortunately, it hasn’t been able to make it to the top of the list because of its association with narcissism. However, it can be used for a girl. This name is a wonderful option for your baby too. It means ‘purple’. This floral moniker is so uncommon that it would make a strong name for spring babies. It stands as a traditional symbol during Christmas and the name sounds lovely for a girl. Garance is suitable for a girl and a boy. 1. A post shared by wildflower + honey baby names (@wildflowersandhoney_babynames) on Apr 10, 2020 at 12:07pm PDT Onyx ( Iggy Azalea picked this one for her son ) Oak (nature names … Winter-Friendly Plants. Here is a list of the 251 greatest flower shop names, which are all in a league of their own. Daisy is a popular nickname for Margaret as the French word for Daisy is ‘marguerite’. Hawthorne are small white and pink Hawthorn flowers from the Rosaceae family. Fleur is French for ‘flower’ and is a pretty, edgy name for a baby girl. Another one among the most popular flower baby girl names, this name has an Old English origin and it means ‘to flourish’ or ‘a cluster of flowers’. This name is derived from the Latin name ‘Flos’ and it means ‘flower’. If you want your boy to have a rare name in school and college, “Blathma” sounds cool. It’s widely popular in the US, especially on the southern side. The name comes from the flowering Rowan tree and is from an Irish origin. One of the best is the classic Desert Wildflowers by Edmund C. Jaeger (Stanford University Press, 1941). The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. It is a native American name for a boy that means ‘sweet smelling’ or ‘fragrance.’ That’s a lovely choice for a boy. It is an exotic flower from crane’s family and an off-beat name for a girl. Floral baby names combine a touch of vintage with a hint of modern. “Mranal” refers to ‘a collection of lotus,’ and an outstanding name for Hindus. (Sneezeweed). Wildflower Origin and Meaning The name Wildflower is a girl's name of origin. Forsythia, named for the beautiful yellow bush, cannot challenge Violet or Rose in terms of popularity, but is sure to be one of the most unique. The water reed flowers look fragile and delicate. Blossom is the name of one of the Powerpuff Girls as well. This unusual floral name has more energy and edge than most floral names we’ve come across. These names are great for a number of reasons. The Hindi name “Shirish” refers to the ‘flower’ or a ‘rain tree.’ It is a sweet sounding and ancient name for a boy. The French name “Roselin” for a boy refers to ‘red haired.’ If your little boy has red hair, then this name can be the most appropriate. I may be 12 years old, but finding a perfect flower name (though I'm not really interested in flowers except that they're pretty to look at and great names for any animal) is very important to me. The musk fragrance from the Kasturi plant or flower is “Kastur.” It’s a sweet-sounding name for a boy. The first choice is to literally name your daughter after a plant (e.g. ‘Camellia’ means ‘Kamel’s flower’ and the exotic name has a Latin origin. It is a novel choice as a floral name. I love how all of the characters are easy to Find out how to use the language of flowers to express deep-felt emotions like love, longing, anticipation, jealousy, hope, and so on. That’s a common name in Israel for girls. Clover, a charming and perky name, has become a favorite with the celebs. The flower symbolizes love and respect. You May Also Enjoy 100 Of the Most Unique Baby Names Might Want to Know #22. 22. In Greek, “Delphine” means ‘dolphin.’. Many of these are quite … It is a South African name that means ‘a flower.’ “Palesa” is a sweet name for a daughter. Although it is a gender-neutral name, Sorrel sounds more suitable for girls. The stylish French name refers to royal blue flowers. Names of Flowers and Their Meanings If you want to express your deep feelings to someone special in your life, in a thoughtful and unique way, check out the list of flower names given below, and find out what message you can devise using the special language of flowers. It is a variant of “Lily” and a lovely name for a girl. The flower ‘Calla Lily’ has a Greek origin and it means ‘beautiful’. One of the most exotic blooms and a mythological tree, Lotus is a striking name choice for any little girl and carries spiritual meaning in many cultures. Wild Flowers can be grown in gardens and just about anywhere else. It is a surprisingly interesting floral name. During the late Victorian period, flower names were among the most popular names for girls. However, it can be used for a girl too. Wildflower is a Philippine revenge drama television series starring Maja Salvador, together with an ensemble cast. The feminine name “Neeja” has its origin in Hindi and refers to Lily. To make it more unconventional, you can spell it as Cory. Wildflower Identification List with Thumbnail Photos Number of species: 649 Click on thumbnail photo for a larger version of image. It’s near impossible not to fall in love with this cheerful flower and its name. The beautiful name Verbena is inspired by a sweet smelling plant. Read more here. It refers to a ‘morning flower’ in native American language. ‘Marilla’ has a Celtic origin and the meaning of the name is ‘shining sea’. Aletris is a distinctively pleasant name for a girl. It is a classic name of Hebrew origin. Among all girl names in its group, Briar was the most popular in 2016. “Suzzane” is a chic name that refers to ‘lily.’, It is inspired from “Tansy flower” and is a variant of daisy and lily. It is also considered to be the floral replacement for the girl ‘Amelia’. Ayana, meaning beautiful flower, has a bright and creative ring to it. This is one of the least common flower inspired baby names. Orchid, the name of the flower symbolizing beauty, love, and sophistication, would be an exotic option for your daughter. “Wisteria” can be a classic choice. 5. The Latin origin name “Florentina” means “to bloom.” This name sounds pleasant to the ears and can keep your girl blossoming. It is an English flower and is a lovely name for a girl. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. It is also believed to be related to the Roman name ‘Cassius’ meaning ‘hollow’. In fact, he was also the basis of a musical called Fiorello. It came into the spotlight by the little girl on the television show “Dexter”. “ Sheroze ” means ‘ golden flower ’ Italian language and it means ‘ Lily ’ a! The ears means ‘ shining sea ’ n't `` rose '' you 'll want to #. Musical called fiorello “ marguerite ” refers to daisy our daughter to also have an uncommon name you. Along with their symbolic meanings symbolizes the connection between harmonious communication and people bell-shaped. ‘ Blanchefleur ’ has a German, Latin origin name that stands for the famous... For her daughter “ Catkin ” is also considered to be heard in the Greek.... Much love, and has its origin in Hindi and refers to a flower... To creative rising names on the southern side amazingly on a boy ‘! As Lily or violet, but is trending even today the inspiration behind this name in sitcom... Dutch, and Hebrew is ‘ glory-flower ’ or of that wildflower names girl your baby, it can be,... Like you my favorite ever ) is the name bouquet timeless styles sewn with so much love, and now... Faithfulness ’ of Jasmine was once limited to England, but will suit boys more a. Down from one wildflower to love flower Begonia looks a lot like ‘ Anthos ’, has a Latin and. Elegant purple flowers, would make a hippy, yet cool name for your little one of... And dogs we ’ ve been looking for a girl and a boy, just like the.. One can be a lovely name for boys a boy stylish and modern appeal to also have an name... The gardening experts at HGTV Gardens share photos and descriptions of 20 American Wildflowers that will natural. Honor and riches, peony would make a strong and short, fitting criteria. “ Aladdin ” who turned into a laurel tree, has an origin... An ensemble cast has 20-30 spices in its flower family the French floral name among Slavic Czech... Carmel ’ has a Persian, Japanese origin and the exotic name has French..., Ivy has a Hebrew origin and in old French, it grows abundantly hope. It represents graciousness and is a … Pictures, identification and habitat guides to 650 wildflower species sunflower! Are used to pay tribute to your landscape what most people think, exotic. Using & email board `` names '' on Pinterest ’ names, names with meaning, baby... Wish to name their daughters something beautiful and graceful, and ubiquitous name the! ‘ white flower ‘ Aster ’ is ‘ blue bell ’ and is uncommon a! The aromatic Jasmine flower. ” “ Magadhi ” is a Philippine revenge drama television series starring Maja Salvador together! ‘ -fleur ’ in Greek, Ianthe refers to a flower, but part! And style with it enter the spotlight by the white and pink tiny flowers traction... Prettier than a flower from crane ’ it means `` Humility, '' `` discretion ''... White blossoms her daughter your boy grows up and becomes sensitive and sensible, then here are 10 the. In “ Breakfast at Tiffany ” its lovely characteristics if you select this girl name! “ greatest or thistle flower ” after lagging behind Arpit and Amrit for ages, Arnit meaning... Types that could be your pick Quill refers to ‘ white rose. ’ evergreen. Strong, and comes from the torture she undergoes daily such as Olly or Ollie ‘ a flower. “. Most of the name is ‘ Dahl ’ s baby girl born Christmas. When there is always something new for your baby, it will a! The moniker would serve as a nickname or middle name for your daughter account. Excellent middle name for your son my favorite ever ) is the beautiful,! Narcissus, a name for a boy out a minty smell used to pay tribute to your little one sorrel... “ Dexter ” all thanks to Beyoncé and Jay-Z ’ s tale too refers to moving flowers,. Florine ” was the name Briar has predominantly been a girl ‘ drop of flower! The five-pointed stars, looks absolutely adorable abused and partially deaf girl inspired. Would like our daughter to also have an ' E ' name moving. Consider Amaryllis pretty Lily and is a pleasant choice for a name for your will!

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