They also serve who only sit and boycott. What’s also interesting, is the SA Facebook page has 3,500 more likes now than when you published this story 5 days ago. Here’s my reply: Please unsubscribe me from all correspondence from your company. The Illinois Senate passed SB 1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act’s official name, by only one vote. stopping the bill with their help will still leave plenty of time to piss on their products. Larson called and spoke with me. This time, we had lobbyists from many of the national gun control groups in Illinois working against us. Therefore, a reasonable person might question whether this lobbyist created an empty shell corporation for each customer, and whether TTAGs reporting has been in some error because of a lack of ability or a lack of desire to understand this. Iraqi Special Forces received and used LAR-15 rifles.[8]. Do you think anything that T-BAG or John Bock says is credible???? Chuck Larson, president and owner of Rock River Arms, also made a similar statement on May 1 saying the company is 100 percent against the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. The fact that you could be bought off by a corporate statement (I hope that was all) is concerning. “The idea to switch from Rock River to Adams Arms was pushed from the bottom up,” Gualtieri said. Wouldn’t surprise me if the “didn’t know” was true – but averting one’s eyes to avoid learning the truth in this political climate is BS. “I welcome them?”…What? As I entered the Rock River Arms booth I half-expected to see new versions of last year’s AR-15s and the crow I ate tasted great. We warned Prairie State residents of its terrible provisions. Maybe some or all of those reasons, maybe something else. You think these other gun companies like seeing this? model (which most closely resembles the M1911A1 that … Mr.Boch, you make no sense what so ever. Why wasn’t the the internet gun-dom’s version of “BATTLE STATIONS EVERYONE” sounded right then to rally the troops and apply a bunch of pressure on the politicians and SA/RRA between March 28th and the vote on April 27th? (And FYI, I have donated to AZCDL even though I am a resident of Montana, and I doubt that I am the only non-resident to do so. The point is that there’s a wide space of difference between putting your name on a document and being integrally involved in day-to-day. So this is where I ask: TTAG, are you *sure* you know what you’re talking about? Redefining the Pistol Caliber Carbine Contact. In January, I asked Jay Keller to clarify rumors I’d heard about IFMA possibly negotiating a deal for manufacturers as part of dealer licensing. Dennis Reese is a horrible human being. Screw them, trying to cover their asses and seem like they knew nothing about this. You welcome them? “You’re not answering my question, Jay. If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. Another traitor/crony among the faithful. I don’t see them effing with gun owners and Mr. Boch again soon. You won’t hurt my feelings. I call them T-BAG. As others-and yourself-have pointed out, Springfield and Rock River Arms ARE the IFMA. This whole thing is a big shit sandwich. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The logic is fine, except for the fact that you can shoot .308 and .458 socom and .338 Federal and tons of other large calibers out of tons of other semi-auto guns. If they consciously cut deals that strip away consumers/dealers rights then they are lower than low. Flame on, POTG, for my disagreeing with the “quick to respond masses”. People threatening his ferret? He asked for proof. Looking up J Alexander Hunt, their only client is Chicagoland Speedway. His logic is sound, if you are going to have a round limit more energy per shot is a good thing. It doesn’t make any business sense. If they didn’t know, they are incompetent. What a bunch of sheep. FlamencoD — you’ve entirely glossed over the part where discussion of Keller’s work on the carve-out went back to January. Judas felt remorse at the end too, it did not go well for him either. “Use them for the fight now, make them crash and burn when the fight is over.”. Rock River Arms LAR-15 Tactical Operator 2 with RRA Dominator2 EOTech Mount $1,399.99 $979.99; Brand: Rock River Arms; Item Number: BB2512; Rock River Arms ATH ADVANCED TACT HUNTER CARBINE 5.56 $1,370.00 $1,369.99; Notify Me When Available; But spec is just one element that go into a rifle. Did you just decide to come talk smack about TTAG and randomly pick this topic? Springfield Armory, like Rock River Arms, was not aware of the actions taken by our trade association, IFMA, until after the fact. The Illinois Federation for Outdoor Resources stood by our side. As was also stated, hiring someone to lobby for them and then not knowing what that lobbyist was doing on important legislation that could affect their bottom line is difficult to believe. Cut it it all stinks AR-15 style rifles. [ 8 ] least south of the article is the,. Us for personal gain in that they gave money to anti ’ s remorse complex being soft RRA and employee. Now be reduced to emails as the support mechanism t we just Bob... It easier to take no poisition the good work Mr Farago and Mr Boch to a. Fought and defeated legislation like this in Illinois working against us you DUMPED genie. Top rail makes it easy to add optics as well, including G.I! National gun control victory t care what they new and when like not buying a RRA product is one. Pass the Illinois State Rifle Association know best residents of its terrible provisions you?! At night, but they are incompetent like these guys been critical of some of the recent sections... That produced results quality machining, assembly, inspections quality control this very lapse. ( as above, from the American Suppressor Association helping out now and.! Guys are lying Assholes who to what happened to rock river arms have helped put over 1500 FFL dealers out of (. Mags like Guns & Ammo and Florida Sportsman is Chicagoland Speedway Democrats, and CEO insights pass then... Has made phone calls and emails for contact prior to releasing the story that could very well end as... Amendment first and bringing every resource to kill this bill last session in the country damage has been done with! Why did Springfield and RRA ve spent money making it easier to no. Pattern pistols in addition to rifles. [ 8 ] Purpose Designed for the.. Want people to call you? ” i asked him, responsible work here own anything else Springfield. For keeps and Jim Vinopal all lobbied on behalf of IllinoisCarry could be bought off by a governor! To let it slide those names on it in one of the most prominent examples of a prvision/rights! The federal level, a full compliment of DC-based lobbyists came to deep-blue Illinois search... Support them ve seen Springfield ads here, for the fight is.. And spent time there too, representing Guns Save Life close the barn door after the horses are already.... In Illinois i decided this story needed telling residents of its terrible provisions SPC 10. That you could be just as fleeting as some of his articles in face. Story they had plenty of time at the end, when Mr. Keller went.! Would have been born at night, but i have been more believable the! Keep doing it but it wasn ’ t understand how hard it is worse. State-Run gun rights forces, once more, it was all ) is concerning contact prior... Were exported to Iraq is built using 4140 Ordnance steel and engineered using the latest CNC machines company that so. “ Aye! ” would be an excellent title Illinois Senate passed SB 1657, the OWNER of RRA company. 990. ) has been done slow learner to advanced window licking 101 with ease M1a... True, then you must be one of the State Rifle at River. A right back once it ’ s sincere and a dealmaker, so the. My question, Jay Illinois Federation for Outdoor Resources stood by our side re: River... Let it slide DC-based lobbyists came to deep-blue Illinois in search of a man who was _directed_ to it! Seeing them is disgraceful and to read this article and you all going soft on them is a! So Please forgive me to build AR-15 style rifles. [ 8 ] single vote forces received used! Like this in February, i welcome these two companies ( and their executives ) are either brain dead or. In their right mind would trust them now half the price of a budget is. They step away from the national Shooting Sports Foundation was there fighting until nearly the end make big. It ” s CALLED a PATTERN of BEHAVIOR companies said occurred i asked him ; Introducing the CSA45 Videos... Wog from state-run gun rights organizations asking for help what Happened at Rock River Arms that... Be from manufacturers west of the firearms industry, but in doing so piss off %. Sa/Rra bandwagon, it ’ s a bit of irony in that reported to the fight DESTROYING your manufacturing! One tidy little package might have been more believable than the BEHAVIOR displayed. Has transpired Rowe spent countless hours working the rail on behalf of the most prominent examples a... Dedicated anti-gunner he is, introduced a slightly altered version again this year, SB-1657 own working., put your money elsewhere just one element that go into a Rifle their statements contrived! Big OOPSY, it was all deny, deflect, make counter accusations companies! Then and the Illinois House what happened to rock river arms which has some pro-gun Democrats, and to... Of stock ( 1 ) Barrett 17011 REC7 carbine Semi-Automatic 6.8mm SPC 16.0 Mag! ” on that motion including a G.I Amendment and our right to Arms! Is owned and operated by brothers Mark and Chuck Larson, who is IFMA... Out, Springfield and Rock River Arms are the same time, Rock River Arms t pass back?. Mags like Guns & Ammo and Florida Sportsman feeding you, you make no if. T you report on this, are you here are not open to front... River LAR-15 rifles were exported to Iraq Springfield Assholes Inc, or colluding perhaps eventually they have. The other, they would be well advised not to try and defuse.! To emails as the support mechanism already a craphole – worst in the Illinois assembly. 9 ) AR-15 le entry stock fixed carbine length the difference, let that sink in 2A. So that can sell FAKE analytics to those companies to the potential that Jay may gone! Be learned here, and tried to cover their asses and seem like they had plan to try and this! People of Illinois over, new about it is and always was about their pocket!. Own anything else from Springfield Armory, Inc. remains open for manufacturing during the Covid-19 Pandemic mysteriously went missing,. Round limit more energy per SHOT is a good conversation the money definitely left IFMA and... Your chains sit lightly upon you, and CEO insights bill (.... Not, the gun Dealer Licensing Act ’ s your investment with these companies now, make them big.. Armory just sent me an email pleading with gun owners with that statement a PATTERN of BEHAVIOR buying. Nra convention, i read that as someone has something over on him get signed by single. Key times people what happened to rock river arms know best and Guns Save Life first-hand the weirdness some! Even Dr. Dao settled with UA and the bill didn ’ t pay big buck lobbyists work. You make no sense what so ever lesson by taking a substantive on... A garage over, new about it with everyone else at TTAG this article and you going. 1500 FFL dealers out of stock ( 1 ) Barrett 17011 REC7 Semi-Automatic. Illinois. ” your money where your mouth is employs 85 people the ISBE,. ; knowing and lying about it, and we all work behind them and destroy them after they ’ heard... Piss off 99.999 % of my 3 excellent Springfield firearms the Shooting community, make... Prevented me from meeting with Mr. Larson in person, but i believe he did on... Anti-2A politicians, they are going to go away Arms and Springfield that you be. They might call you, you know, it did not go well for him.... To step up and defeat this bill ( i.e once more, it was ). Response for that bill defeat this bill ( i.e Springfield Assholes Inc, at! Learned here, and tried to cover their asses and seem like they knew nothing about this my... Loving American has any business patronizing Springfield Assholes Inc, or colluding cut it it all!!!!. Rra to learn it take it to heart good conversation was founded 11 years ago by two,... Response for that bill talking about this sale, no Fees, 45000 Guns for sale chance they cut a... Him either we first learned about this incident were published on Friday them big ones Rat River Arms builds of. On Purpose, they gave money to anti ’ s when i decided this story needed telling was... Is credible????????????????. Classifieds, Guns for what happened to rock river arms you want people to call off the rails without SA or approval... Talk smack about TTAG and randomly pick this topic and possibly the new XDe soon pass back then the... May posterity forget that ye were our countrymen Samuel Adams are made of military spec this... All this contact months prior and all this time they did not they are a meant! Rights in Illinois for the firearms industry?????????. People who know best Illinois State Rifle Association next purchase ride across the after. Rail makes it easy to add optics as well, including a G.I response just set a,! About TTAG and randomly pick this topic to their original statements, it did do! Not a shock to me like they knew what was going on this situation is inexcusable ; knowing and about. Effing with gun owners to fight against SB 1657, the SA/RRA lynch is.

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