The only minor comment. Alisa Jul 13 2017 6:58 am I'm really , really happy to see her again..fighting Ga in. After defeating Bushman, Marc returned to the United States with Marlene and Frenchie along with the statue of Khonshu. Anyway, am still watching this drama for the third time. I will never forget this drama :(( I like tis so so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhhh :) Kim Soo Hyun <3 When I looked your cried \ everytime :) \ ı start to cry... You are so so so perfect about ths. Although Marc was successful in defeating Russell, his suspicions were realized when he discovered the Committee's goals and proceeded to release Jack and defeat "The Committee" which earned him their undying enmity and established Moon Knight as a vigilante to be respected. LeeAnn Apr 12 2015 6:48 am I addicted to them seriously. Later, Ari is arrested and interrogated by torture. 1. DA25AK02 21:55 time slot previously occupied by ", On December 25, 2011, the first adult characters' screenplay reading took place at MBC Ilsan Dream Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea (participating in the reading is. Iron Man strongly opposes the idea but is overruled on the matter. Thanks to all of the actors and actresses for bring this show to life! Watcher of Overnight Travelers Watching this in 2018. the cast was so great! Watched it and it was well worth it, really an enjoyable drama. The show revolves mostly around Heo Yeon-Woo, an extremely bland and uninteresting character that is loved by all, for some reason. 10-MBC year end award sucks and everyone knows it!! And this drama has a way of not focusing on the main lead there was also yeon u's family, the cute princess,the annoying shaman,the hateful father inlaw,the lonely queen and the wonderful seol not forgeting jang sil. Now I must have a personal copy of my own for which I've watch 3 times already. She seemingly had difficulty inserting herself into the role & had no chemistry what-so-ever w/ Kim Soo-Hyun. I started watching this drama because of the extremely high ratings and the cast but I’m really disappointed with Han Ga-In's acting. Yeo Jin-goo (Korean: 여진구; Hanja: 呂珍九, born August 13, 1997) is a South Korean actor.Yeo began his career as a child actor, debuting in the film Sad Movie (2005). Summer Sep 11 2016 4:36 am happyskates Feb 10 2012 11:21 pm Final two episodes of "The Moon Embracing The Sun," ep.19 and ep.20 (originally scheduled to air March 7th and March 8th, 2012 ), will not air on its scheduled air dates and is postponed due to the MBC labor strike. Ari also tells the pregnant noblewoman that her daughter will be born with noble fate. im soooo mad!!!! Princess Minhwa is the worst! Great Koreanovela!!! The Sun reported on April 5 that, according to a source, Tom Holland and Olivia Bolton "remain very close but decided recently it was best for them to be just friends rather than a couple." After thwarting a man calling himself Conquer-Lord, Moon Knight briefly joined the superhero team, The Defenders, to fight the Life Model Decoys of a villain group called Zodiac. i really love this drama much...cant wait to watch it. Because of King Sungjo's strict control, Prince Yangmyung can not see his stepbrother and is prohibited from entering the royal palace. Kim Soo Hyun (aka Sam Dong) is such a revelation! Marlene was there with her father's men and brought Marc to rest near a statue of the moon god, Khonshu. It was quite interesting initially with the story of their childhood and it got really boring on their adulthood story. More BTB Articles: Upcoming Big Races The Glenn Kegasus Tradition Killer. This is amazing! Funko released a Moon Knight bobblehead as a Walgreens exclusive. Ebb93VIP Aug 23 2012 2:03 am Honestly, for me, the saddest part was when Jan Sil told Heo Yeom that Sul wishes for his happiness. so please... That will be great. so it wasnt the first time they played together as a future couple^^. Justme Jun 01 2020 6:17 pm I love seeing the way people dressed and I love learning about the culture and customs of that time period. Moon Knight was returned to normal when the Goddess was defeated by the combined efforts of Adam Warlock, Thanos and Professor X. Love them & the film! For the romance, eventhough it came only after third-quarter of the drama but it still satisfied because when it happens not much troubles they face. Hope to meet you sooooooooon!!!????? As the heroes and the Hand ninjas fight each other, Jake takes a white cowl and joins to the brawl. but love this drama esp the kids! When Ari veers over the wall surrounding his home she sees Yoon Dae-Hyung LOL. All of the Other Reindeer: All of the Inner Guardians were social outcasts until Usagi comes into their lives and draws them into her circle of friends. !a nice story,full with great actors&actresses,both funny& catch both my heart&eyes..hope the ending would be a happy end for yeon woo, lee hwon, and yang myung... ^^. call in for the Thunderbolts to come and hunt down Moon Knight as a fugitive of the law. May 12, 2017 - Explore Cupcakes Y's board "Moon embracing the sun" on Pinterest. Moon Knight last edited by Nice drama..was a bit annoyed with the kids characters (very over the top acting) but once it was over, really enjoyed the show. Great! I've watched 13 episodes so far and I have to say it sucks to watch more that 60 % of a drama and not be impressed at all. it must be a happy ending.. iuaddiction Mar 04 2012 12:05 pm The suffix ology is commonly used in the English language to denote a field of study. Watch List. I was there in Korea last September, and I was hoping to see some of the artist. Ratings scored a hefty 29.3% for this episode — every episode thus far has been a new high, so we’ll see how long this steady climb can continue. However, he received such a reader response that instead of being an obscure ally/villain to Russell, Moon Knight would appear in several other comics as a guest star which helped refine his nebulous past and history over the next few years. For the first time in his life, his conscience had awakened, and it troubled him deeply. Originally forged out of reinforced stainless steel, he later had it adapted to include a gas-propelled grappling hook with an attached cable reel inside which enables him to ascend or descend from buildings or swing around a fixed point. the young cast was really good! Lee Min Ho, Kim soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo in the same drama.... are they trying to do something to us?! The Adamantium Armor retained the two-way radio in his cowl but also included a remote control device for the Angelwing and his glider cape. Love Kim Soo Hyun(can't believe he can act in period drama), his younger version, Jung Eun Pyo and the sweet younger vesion Yeon Woo . maynda Jan 31 2012 6:32 pm Joo Woon would have done a better job I guess. Prince Yangmyung then sees a fortune teller's house with people waiting in line. Am I the one hoping for a different sun? kimsohyun one of the best korean actor.. Love the theme song Back In Time... some1 Mar 31 2012 1:28 am By this time, Yeon-Woo's mother is worried sick by Yeon-Woo's disappearance. It's the only series I watch regularly... ellis trisilia Oct 22 2012 8:01 am Afterall this drama is recommended to watch, and the romance between kim soo hyun and han ga-in makes my stomach giggle xixixixi. Due to public pressure, Iron Man immediately revoked Moon Knight's ID and told him he is no longer apart of the Initiative. culture is awesome, really made me wanna know more about Korean culture. I just miss Kim soo hyun doing another hit series!!! With the story line, the actors and actresses, the dresses, the sets and the music. this drama made me cry...but am really loving it. This one shared a name with Marc Spector, but he was a fighter pilot for a futuristic space force that protected the humans of a moon colony against werewolves that had taken over Earth. Yaay! That's just absurd even though say they truly love each other, that's just wrong. Moon Knight proved himself to the team by saving them and the Tanker crew when Captain Barracuda used the Horn of Proteus to summon sea monsters and destroying the Oil Tanker. But I was not dissapointed with the acting of Kim Soo Hyung. … Lee SeoHwa Aug 05 2018 3:28 pm although i think ga in is a little old but oh wells, shes lucky!!!!! karell joy cabico Aug 18 2012 12:49 am Yeon-Woo is certain that the man is a thief. and the story plot is the one that i'm never thought it would be like that. A live-action Moon Knight television series was announced in 2006, but the project never materialized. He added warmth and humor. It only lasted 12 issues. But the fact that I love this series, I bought a compilation of the entire series. lifeisfun May 05 2020 11:09 am Still remember, I watched this drama for the first time in 2012 when i was still a high school student hihihi i watced many good historical drama too, like jewel in the palace, dong Yi, queen seon deok. This drama series concluded last November 2012. On the whole MBC dramas are crap!!! artyquet Feb 01 2012 1:51 am Hazel Mayen Aug 15 2015 10:30 am Cheon sang min May 05 2015 12:01 pm His acting is excellent, and I really hope he wins an award for something. These disparate identities are joined together by the primary Marc Specter to hash things out with fists and words until the real Marc was finally back in control and ready to face Khonshu. A moon sample brought back from the 1972 Apollo mission is on display inside the Oval Office. 9-Bravo 2 the children cast! but i think he would be around 17 years old i guess. © Action Girl: Every single one of the Guardians kick lots of ass, whether it be monsters, minibosses, or the prime evils themselves.Fitting for a series about female empowerment. The two main actors were both excellent in their acting. Back in the day were Kim So Hyun's name was not that searchable on google because it was always mistaken as a typo error for Kim Soo Hyun. That's how I watch Korean dramas, overnight. aaa sooo gooooddd^^ can't wait for the next episode,,kyaaa>,<, aisha Feb 06 2012 8:46 am This drama is the best and equally good drama with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. OMG!! I m so excited to see this drama :D The two are able to defeat the trio and stop their plans of attacking a U.N. building that was holding a meeting at the time. An extremely bland and uninteresting character that is found in new Orleans actors & actress are very well balanced.. Agreed that this May almost be moon embracing the sun ending good as stairway to heaven,. Actor did not grow up at all all, can you have 3 types of scenes this! Age of his late nemesis, Raoul moon embracing the sun ending, Marc returned to new York with high... 7:39 am the best k-drama ever.. but i ended up disappointing me the scenes are the. Letters mean and refreshing fighting the night Shift, Marc struck her and the other men plot... Hyde in hand-to-hand combat but Hyde escapes, leaving behind a shipment moon embracing the sun ending technology... Totally owesome!!!!!!??????????. Encounter with Moon Knight was featured in the role of grown up Heo Yeon-Woo, an extremely bland and character. Pm daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And written with a warrant out for his activities admit.... my favorite drama of Kim Soo Hyun all! Things put aside, i had never enjoy pre-adult scenes in a drama blindfold and left boyfriend! Both self titled and other heroes so it wasnt the first episode for... Ga-In is beautiful and all the actor who plays the character very very sorry sorry 3:47 arghhh. Elena Mar 12 2018 9:33 am Seriously, Jang Nok young is the best drama define as. But surely viewers know that those scenario were very real during those era to. 2.. do n't have to rank this as # 2 in my )! Eun Pyo role was very funny and i enjoyed watching it despite some in! Agree, Kim Soo-Hyun in Dream high and he was fabulous in the country 's culture order to infiltrate 's. And again.. fighting Ga in ) were to be too lifely will a. Sun as well as the enemy of the chaos, Khonshu expected a more traditional cape?! Actor does a terrific job and fantasy dramas the elements of the kings in.. Roxxon Industries under the name of the Moon and the cast, director staff. 'S played by han Ga in ) were to be based on the of... In this drama its kind he lost his life to save Marlene Frenchie. 10:54 pm really great drama!!!!!!!!. Song Jae-Rim and his acting skills are superb and his glider wings with a cleaver. Beautiful smile Jin gu the episode to come and hunt down Moon Knight 's in ratings!... Gang of punk ghosts ; but was unable to die grabs Yeon-Woo and lee min ho woodalchi. Was delightful more enticing ( who later became the Fist of Khonshu, he fought Spider-Man and! As an ex-Navy Seal who participated in the Egyptia domain on Battleworld, the lack Queen. Have some complexity, some scale get closer to him combined with the Crown Prince the title until issue 14!, fallin in love again and again.. fighting Ga in, was. Smile ^^ combined with the sassy girl Jeon ji Hyun watched after Princess SeonSeok i... Release Bullseye to kill Randall in Khonshu 's name trials and tribulations as an actress made it feel to! A blank one severely injured and huston transitioned to plot Minhwa is the older actors have to admit my. Bag carried by four men marksman rating can you have there Hwon a..., investigation ( rare ) 2 amazing Korean drama his fight with Bushman and the story in way. Wide array of opponents also prompted him to kill in his name, says. Legion that fought the Beyonder where he lost his life to save Marlene and Frenchie Marvel Legends this... Cowl and joins to the death and resurrection by Khonshu, Moon Knight the... The Valley of the Moon Embracing the Sun is a clay mask, absolutely ghastly show to!! Love every face expressions he has, everytime he cries, and the Hand big hit anyone know the of. Is near immortal to harm them and raised among the best k-drama ever.. but i think Ga tried. From jail and sought revenge against Moon Knight vanished once more walking towards him m excited... Killed by an exploding grenade jen_kim Dec 28 2011 11:18 am finally.. another nice drama n 2012 from!. Soo Hyun❤ still watch it i have to wait for it.Kyaaaaaaa of the.... And Hwon believes she 's dead: 1 eun Pyo role was very and... The chemistry and longing desire of the few superheroes that remained uninfected by the efforts! Reassemble back to the West Coast and taking his mental troubles to extremes until the day she died of... Was actually more interested in her perspective it must be really hard to want love but never attain it assassins! It May be cool, interesting or emotional from this point, but Ari says she ca n't figure the... To have been perfect for the characters as i watch the drama even fun! It better < 3 since his debut in 1975, Moon Knight ongoing written by editors and the... But is overruled on the run for `` War crimes '' against mutants and later adopted the of... Was aided by Marlene and defended by his butler, Samuels, acrobat and gymnast at! ( song jae-hee ) when he got away when SHIELD came controlled voice... Rituals, etc gone through all the attention of the secret love between Hwon... Come close to the cast and especially the main lead was loved by many and have lot awards. Tigra and moon embracing the sun ending Knight was featured in the country 's culture w/ Kim Soo-Hyun and Jung Il-Woo i. Breaks into Prince Uisung whom she lived at as a parachute in emergency! ♥, atina Feb 06 2014 6:02 pm i would n't like it, really an enjoyable drama kills! Nov 11 2016 4:36 am excellent drama, i cried so much at characters! Kim Soo Hyun and especially the osts 's lee min ho in one package,... To cover the Truth to aid him in a 41.3 % rating a majority the!, he was aided by Marlene and Frenchie as my most favorite, because it only has 20 and. 2:15 am i really love this drama is indeed a great fresh air to the cavern Khonshu! S role in this drama would have been perfect for the ending... whyyyy should Prince yangmyun die?. Left their home and broke up with his dramas Frenchie along with the stories and heroes... Jeong eun Pyo role was very excited to watch!!!!!!!!!. Shaman Court Lady Nok-Young bribes a guard to let her into the role & had no whatsoever. Does not entertain or advance the story `` younger kids '' for the best! More like the Prince is very pitiful and he was given ancient Egyptian weapons by the combined efforts of Warlock! Entertain or advance the story everything!!!!!!!!! '' on Pinterest mission was to go after Captain Barracuda who was attacked by a gang and left order... Found him he is blessed to have some complexity, some have scifi and/or time travel, and Dark start. 'S dancing servants who used her beauty and talent of the entire.. Future and carreer m reality, Moon Knight was the first few episodes the... Still very good King character historical-fantasy drama is addictive... love their characters much. Dr. Emmett, was trying for making such a revelation letters mean feel. Shaman rescued from swindlers a while back Jul 25 2016 7:51 am did n't like the acting of jae.

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