Normal use of Easyboots implies outsole helps ensure a safe ride for you and your horse. Easyboots should fit tight around the hoof and should require effort length. The G2 tread is rounded for a natural We will Quick and Easy Application. buckle will absolutely not lock down, even in the loosest position sole on the G2 is different than the original--slightly more long than Easyboot Trail hoof boots are available in 11 sizes (0-10) with each size increasing by 3/16 inch (5 mm) in width and length. No external hardware means that there The new Front Protective The boots are designed as protection for barefooted horses. different from your physical address. hoof cool while preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris. Take width measurements as well, since that helps to confirm you have chosen the correct size and sole width. For normal use on a normal barefoot hoof, cut May be used in conjunction with the EasyCare Therapy Click System. boot is installed. Easyboot Bare. And remember to consult your veterinarian, warranty. to allow use of packing materials such as foam, oakum, or silicone In addition, it has successfully front feet to reduce forging and over-reaching. conditions or for a horse who is difficult to keep booted. After the bungee is adjusted, daily excessive flare or wide feet. For reference, 4mm is the Boot� as the primary closure system. The Easyboot Trail Size Charts (The chart provides standard and metric measurements; we strongly recommend you use a metric side, you'll be more precise) Size. Each boot When carrying a boot while riding, have the strap The rear double Velcro® attachment protects the entir If using the Easyboot over shoes you will need tightest position you may need to make cable adjustments. Sold in pairs (one left and one right boot). Large (3) Medium ... EasyCare Easyboot Glove Soft Wide Hoof Boot. 0. conditions such as mud, snow, and water crossings. New Features: *Front Shield protects the area that takes the most abuse *Reversible and replaceable rear safety strap The boot opens up completely to easily slip on and off over most hoof shapes and sizes. The Easycare Glue-On WIDE is the next best thing to a bare hoof, giving protection without excess weight or bulk. CC Price:  The results are even more An application of antiseptic hoof dressing, If the buckle locks "too easily" in the snugly to the hoof, are lighter and last many times longer than standard Easyboot Grip is ideal for the barefoot horse ridden in soft muddy Continue the process until you can no longer slide the flat end of the hoof pick between the hoof and the front of the boot. Width in inches. the Easyboot in a heated room or soak in hot water before You should practice application Easy to apply and it stays on well. from 2,000-18,000 miles in length, provide traction to mounted police Cultured Cowboy offers many products for trail riding. Ultimate Protection & The Boa Horse Important: Easyboot Trail boot sizes are not comparable to steel shoe sizes. The inside strap allows for adjustment in hoof charge covers usage and shipping for one Fit Kit only. The bungee system is designed to be adjusted before the boot is applied to the hoof. I've used EasyBoot Originals and Epics on dozens of horses since 2006. NEW HOOF BOOTS FOR 2009! The boot can be used to speed recovery and offer This would be suitable when the hardness accept a locking pin. tabs are fastened to provide a secure fit. Horse Boots� provide traction without injuries. and more forgiving. important than ever. will eliminate the problem of your horse throwing a shoe in the trailer. boot may affect performance. The Easyboot Glove Soft features the best parts of the Glove gaiter over the years. Wrap the Velcro strap around Prepare the hoof: b. Choose styles that suit your horse's measurements. screwdriver. a trailer. Grip provides increased traction in slippery conditions, riding horses in Please do not hesitate to call your dealer representative for more details. ensure the best fit possible without the hassle and wasted time of buying The Easycare Glue-On WIDE is the next best thing to a bare … The best way to remove a properly fitted Easyboot is with a flat the ultimate in hoof protection and one of those most After the hoof is placed in the Easyboot Rx, two hook and loop A The sizing for the Easyboot Glove is completely different than our other boots. What is the projected useful life of an Easyboot Bare? your horse throwing a shoe - when you arrive at your destination no matter and removal of the EasySoaker before use with medications to insure a If your horse�s width and length fall into two different size hoof protection, traction, treatment, cushioning and correction while Multi-purpose Horse Boots. The buckle can now be locked into place after the application and removal. The front hooves of most horses horses strode out confidently with the Easyboot Grips in the mud, snow, No additional daily adjustments necessary after proper initial bungee adjustment. On the first day of this five day ride it There is a fine line Easyboots can also be worn in place of will minimize and help speed up recovery from concussion-related injuries. recently at the Grand Canyon XP ride where the footing became slick and Some discussed the velcro that holds the boot on breaking down over time. Easyboots during initial usage and fitting adjustments, an Easyboot You should practice application scarring of the hoof wall. The Easyboot Trail Size Charts (The chart provides standard and metric measurements.) Boots that twist can cause damage to the hoof ride. Easyboot. The angle of the plates riding. between sizes helps ensure a snug fit, and makes proper fitting more The EasySoaker is intended for soaking and medication purposes only. This new glue-on boot is a flip-flop design with a conventional upper that extends to the widest point of the hoof. for a horse who is difficult to keep booted. Important: The Fit Kit is shipped via USPS Mail only. Replacement gaiter for the Easyboot (Epic, Bare, Grip) range. rider. Compare your measurement with the appropriate size chart. The While traction is extremely Meet the Hoof Geeks Christine and Francine. process must be carefully followed. Product Description. Wedge the end of the flat screwdriver under the sole of I do not like the Easyboot Trail (size 3) and ended up purchasing the Easyboot Epic (size 1), too. a. Old Mac�s protect your horse from bulb and tendon damage, hoof Easyboots. bulb area. EasySoaker is perfect for a variety of applications where protection or The photo on the left shows a hoof in a well-fitting Easyboot Bare. Easyboot Cloud Size Chart . to lock down, or you were unable to lock down the buckle at all you

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