Add To Cart. 479-751-7891 Monday - Thursday: 7am - 4pm CST One can rest assured that when Arkie Lures offers a product for sale to the consumer, someone at the factory has tested it, and that it will catch fish. Territories. Page. Steelhead Salmon Trout 1/4 oz Glow Swing Jig Head #4 Hook Twitching Jigs (X15) $8.99 Jig Heads Bloodline Red Hook 1/16 oz 10 Pack Jigs Arkie Lures Bass Perch Crappie 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Once I realized that a 1/4-5/16oz jig is still a jig and gets a jig bite, it all changed for me and throwing jigs. $15.00. $4.79 . Use Mustad 32786NPBN jig hook. $19.99. Rigged Twirly Tail Grubs. Arky style weedless jig head with premium flat eye (cross eye) mustad jig hook. $4.20 shipping. Z-Man Swimbait Eye Jig Head 3pk. $12.88 - $13.99. 479-751-7891 Monday - Thursday: 7am - 4pm CST Ball Head with No Collar 1/8th oz with #2 Bronze Sickle Hook Jigs. About. Items 1-12 of 61. 804 South Lincoln Street Lowell, AR 72745. heads have a … When flipping heavy cover or shallow boat docks, that style head crawls over logs and stumps without becoming lodged. $8.20 shipping. Phenix Vengeance 3-D Eye Swimbait Lead Heads 2pk. Price: $48.00 Add To Cart. Weedless Arkie Jig - Flipping Hook. Around wood, Griffin's go-to offering is an EZEE Jig Big Jig, a lure of his own design featuring an Arkie-style jighead. We aim to sell the best fishing products that will help you catch the most and biggest fish! This hybrid Arkie-style head has a 60-degree semi-recessed horizontal line tie that is made to keep the bait up for optimum presentations. ARKIE 1/4 oz Walleye Jig Heads. If you’re looking to own just one lure style, the arky head could be your best option to cover multiple fishing techniques. New. Quick View. Add To Cart. 47. Over the past few years Dirty Jigs has grown from "a jig company" to "THE Swim Jig Company". Arkie Turbo Heads let you rig most any panfish plastic in a weedless, Texas-style. Rattle Head Baits brings a innovative and patented rattling hook concept to its jig that produces a sound noticeably different from traditional rattles. Quick View. Lure Style. Sinking; Painted; Unpainted; Lure Type. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; ... BFH18-BFJ18R Grub Head . Bullet heads for my swim jigs in grass. BONUS PRO TIP: Lead jig heads can be a traditional, cost-effective option. There is no other shaky head available that fishes brush piles or skips docks as well as this one does. 4 Colors. 804 South Lincoln Street Lowell, AR 72745. These heads are made with Premium super sharp 4/0 Black Nickel hooks. Some are pointed and resemble arrowheads. All rights reserved. $3.77 - $4.61 4x4 Little Head Swimbait Jig Heads 3pk ... Z-Man Finesse Eyez Minnow Style Jig Head 3pk. Get the best deals on Arkie Fishing Jigs when you shop the largest online selection at $6.47 $ 6. The sparkie jig is a slightly different from an arkie style jig but close and the pic of the jig you posted isn't close to either the sparkie or the banana head, it looks more like the do-it stand up head with the exception being the stand up head isn't as wide and the jig in the pic. I rarely throw above 1/2oz jigs, my favorite right now are Booyah Boo Jigs and Boo Bugs and SK Bitsy Flips and Bitsy Bugs. Arky Style Jig Sz: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Hk: TK800 Collar: Double Holder. For me, a football jig works better in more open water situations with smooth bottoms, rock and little drop-offs. $6.49 3 Colors. 6-20; Over 50; Water. Ball Head with No Collar 1/16th oz with #4 Bronze Sickle Hook Jigs. Get it as soon as Wed, May 27. Free shipping. The new Dirty Jigs Scott Canterbury Shakey Head is designed to help you do just that. I've made myself 1/2 dozen of the 'snootie' head last year. I really like round ball head finesse jigs, they may be small but they can throw a big profile. Triangular head design gives these heads a unique action. 00. Arkie "OPEN THROAT" 1/4 oz. 804 South Lincoln Street Lowell, AR 72745. Available in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4oz. ARKIE 1/16 oz. Arky Style Jig Sz: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 Hk: 32798 Collar: Double Holder. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. $21.00. ARKIE Pro Sickle Fishing Hook Jig, Black Head, 10 Pack. Football heads for hard bottom. Sale. Ball Head with NO COLLAR. $4.99 New. What�s more, the Rattle Head Jig is the only jig that, when rigged with an aggressive trailer, will create noise from the rattling hook on the straight retrieve when swimming or on the vertical fall when flipping or hopping. The shoreline can range from a shallow, medium, or deep incline. Ending Friday at 1:56PM PDT 2d 21h. I move to a Texas rig more in grass and brush. Swimbait Jig Heads Follow This Category. Arky style weedless jig head with premium flat eye (cross eye) mustad jig hook. $4.00 $ 4. Narrow By . Crystal / Spinner Ice Jig Kit . Jigs & Lures; Jigs & Lures *At this time we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, or U.S. This combination of features allows trailers more side-to-side action and helps prevent fish from throwing the bait. ARKIE Grub Jig Head - 1/8 oz - Red Hook. i use the bass assassin screw lock and that is all i use and love them the one with the spike to hold the bait sux they never hold the bait right once you get a bite. $3.99 . Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, © These 1/4 oz. Swim Jig; Hair Jig; Jig Heads Shakey Heads; Swimbait Heads; Swinging Jigheads; Soft Baits Chunk Trailer; Craw; Creature; Grub; Lizard; Soft Stick Worm; Straight Worm; Trailer; ... Home / Collections / Jigs / Arkie Style Jig. The depth range I usually target is 0-15 feet, with 5-12 feet being the sweet spot. 0 bids. It is a 3 cavity mold. $5.99 2 Colors. In addition, the Rattle Head Baits patented rattling hook assembly is designed to keep the hook in alignment with the head. Popular style jig head that is good for making Shakee lures. Arkie's flat style Saltwater jig heads have tough saltwater resistant hooks.

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